Our destination has a fantastic advantage. Helsingborg is located exactly where the Öresund straits is at its narrowest. This makes Elsinore in Denmark our nearest neighburing town. These two countries have shared a common history since the Viking times. Helsingborg´s location is completely unique.

Close to everything. You step right into the heart of the city, with its wonderful blend of historic buildings and modern architecture. You will find design shops, friendly cafés and one or two of Sweden’s best restaurants. The town center, with its parks and delightful marina, is perfect for taking a relaxing stroll.

You don’t have to go far to see a wealth of different sights. We can offer more than 100 unique excursions that are all close at hand. To name just two – Hamlet’s impressive Kronborg Castle, just 20 minutes away on the other side of the strait, or Helsingborg’s own royal palace, Sofiero, with its famous park.

Drive 30 minutes north or south and you will reach wonderful unspoiled landscape such as the magnificent nature reserves of Kullaberg and Söderåsen. It’s also close to the Bjäre Peninsula – known as Sweden’s Toscana – where food and drink of the highest quality are produced

Helsingborg is over 900 years old, with approximately 135,300 inhabitants. There are 200 free wi-fi-spots located around the central parts of the town so it’s easy to keep yourself updated about where to go and what to see.