The Helsingborg region is full of stately homes. Here are some of them.
Swedish royal family´s former summer residence. A visit to Helsingborg would not be complete without a trip to Sofiero, particularly in May and June when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. Situated at the top of the famous rhododendron ravine, and overlooking the strait of Öresund, the house is surrounded by velvet-smooth lawns, luxuriant woodland and magnificent flowerbeds. In 1864, the future King Oscar II and his wife Sofia bought the Skabelycka homestead with the idea of using the site for a summer residence. The single-storey palace was completed the following year. Later the palace was extended and has remained the same ever since. In 1905, the King made the palace a wedding gift for his eldest grandson, Prince Gustav Adolf, and his wife, Margareta. After the death of Gustav VI Adolf in 1973, the palace bequeathed to the city of Helsingborg. Over the past few years, the park has played host to open-air concerts, garden shows, exhibitions, courses, handicraft days and much more.
Only 20 minutes away by ferry from Helsingborg to Denmark´s Elsinore, there is this UNESCO World Heritage site. 400 years of Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle. Begin the tour with a city walk through the picturesque streets of Elsinore before continuing to Kronborg Castle. The castle is both an outstanding Renaissance palace and a military fort and it is evidence of the greatness of the Danish monarchy during the Renaissance. As you walk through the chapel and the Banqueting Hall – the longest room in northern Europe – it is easy to understand why William Shakespeare chose to make Kronborg Castle the setting for Hamlet. READ MORE

A private stately home, with a unique garden, already admired by Carl Linnaeus in 1749. The farm dates back to the 1500s but its current buildings date from the 1630s. The 300-year-old park is open to the public so you can walk in the same garden with the same low box hedges as Linnaeus once did.
Wrams Gunnarstorp has been the seat of the Tornérhjelm family since 1839. The activities run here include modern agriculture, construction management, hunting, conferences, biogas production, forestry and a Christmas market. READ MORE
This manor in the north Helsingborg overlook the strait of Öresund and is near the famous Sofiero Palace and gardens. The surrounding Pålsjö forest offers jogging trails, tennis courts, soccer fields, a waffle café and other leisure activities.READ MORE about Helsingborg´s forest.

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