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Practical Tips for Single Parents Traveling with Kids


Being a single parent is not easy says Jimmy G of Techy Ninjas and traveling with kids when you are single can even be more challenging. However, you can enjoy a brilliant bonding experience when you go on a trip with kids, even if you’re a single parent. Here are helpful travel tips to guide you if you’re a single parent that wants to travel with kids.

Book Transportation Early

Transportation is essential when traveling. You won’t travel if you don’t have a means of transport. And once you promise your kids that you will be traveling, convincing them otherwise will be difficult if you miss a plane. Therefore, book transportation early to avoid trouble with children. Ideally, take care of all transport arrangements in advance.

Carry the Necessary Medications

Most parents overlook medications when traveling, yet they are crucial. When packing, make sure that you’ve carried all the necessary medicines. And this can include treatment for upset tummies, pain, allergies, fevers, and anything that your kids might require.

Carry Some Toys

Carry the favorite toys for your kids to keep them occupied during the flight and once you arrive at your travel destination. If not occupied with toys, your kids can be pretty bothersome throughout the flight.

Train Your Kids before Traveling

If traveling with a kid old enough to recall tasks, train them before leaving. For instance, let your kid know what you expect from them and what they should expect from you. Remember that kids are that good when it comes to paying attention. Therefore, keep your training short.

Get a Child Tracker

What can happen if you lose any of your kids? This thought should prompt you to purchase a child tracker. That way, you can have an easier time tracking your kid if they stray away.

In addition to these tips for single parents traveling with kids, take your time to research your destination, accommodation, things to do, and what to see. That way, you will have a more enjoyable time at your travel destination.

Why Traveling is the Most Enriching Experience


Traveling is a great experience. It enables you to understand other people and their culture better. When you travel, you understand why people that practice different cultures react to certain events and situations the way they do. You realize that humans are the same only that they have different backgrounds and experiences. Thus, you should respect other people and their cultures. Here are some of the major reasons why traveling is the most enriching experience. 

Traveling is Eye Opening 

When you travel, your eyes open. You start seeing the world differently. You learn to observe even the little things when traveling. You realize that even things that you may consider minor in life are worth appreciating. Whether it’s a beautiful flower in your garden or a child playing near your compound, you realize that such experiences are worth appreciating. 

Traveling Enables You to Discover Yourself 

When faced with challenges on the road, you discover your strengths and skills if you manage to overcome them. You can encounter challenges in a foreign country. How you react can be different from the way the locals expect you to reach. What you do to overcome challenges in a foreign country can help you realize that you have a skill you didn’t know you had. 

Traveling Can Lead to the Creation of Meaningful Relationships 

When traveling, you meet people from different parts of the world. You interact with such people and establish new relationships. You learn from the experiences of such people and their cultures. This firsthand experience can lead to the creation of meaningful memories that can last a lifetime. 

Traveling is Adventurous 

You enjoy different experiences when you travel. For instance, you taste new foods away from home. You can also learn new languages and hear unforgettable stories from the natives of your travel destination. You can also engage in many adventurous activities such as hiking in the woods, mountain climbing, and scuba diving among others. 

Travel provides a chance to explore, learn, discover, and enjoy. It gives you experiences you might not get from staying at home. So, get ready and start traveling more often.

Fasting When Traveling on the Plane


Flights are the fastest means of transportation that almost every traveler will go for. However, flying may also seem a bit challenging when you are fasting. Nevertheless, you can still overcome most of the challenges with a few ideas on how to stay comfortable and happy on flights when fasting. The following guidelines can enable you to fly smoothly when fasting. 

Get a Proper Meal before the Trip 

Whether you are planning a short getaway or long haul trip, flying can leave you exhausted and dehydrated. To avoid persistent hunger strikes, make sure that you have a proper meal that will keep you energized and full until the next meal break. 

Drink Lots of Water 

Fasting is usually just about limiting your food intake and, not water. Considering the high risks of dehydration in flight cabins, you should carry a water bottle and fill it up for consumption on the journey. Drinking water can also help with delaying hunger, allowing you to go further without feeling hungry. 

Embrace the Adventure 

It is easy to get tempted into eating something whenever you see other people being served meals on the plane. However, falling to such temptations would only weaken your commitment to the fasting. So, try to stay true to your fast and focus on making the most of the adventure. 

Prepare a Backup Plan 

Various unexpected events may occur when you are traveling. For instance, you may lose your baggage or even miss a flight. That means you may have to re-schedule your travel plans. To avoid surprises, you should also have an alternative travel plan. Apart from water, you should also consider packing some snacks in case the journey takes longer than expected. 

While some people think that flying when fasting is challenging, savvy travelers confess it is an incredible experience with endless life lessons. And, the above tips can help you to make the trip one of a kind.

Things to Avoid when Traveling by Plane


Every passenger wants to get to their destination pleasantly and safely once they board their plane. However, there are things some passengers do that end up ruining their flights. To be a courteous and safer traveler, avoid the following things when traveling by plane. 

Trying a New Medication 

You don’t want to be in an airplane when you discover that a certain medication causes hallucination. You also don’t want to be up there when you realize that you are allergic to a certain supplement. Therefore, never take any medication for the first time during a flight. 

Joking About a Bomb 

People won’t laugh when you try to make a joke about weapons, guns, or anything that can threaten their life. Don’t even try to make a one-liner joke about somebody having a weapon because this can lead to their removal from the plane. That’s because nobody wants anything that puts their security and that of other passengers at risk. So, even if you suspect that somebody has a weapon of any kind, talk to security agents about it in a low tone.

Reclining the Seat during Mealtimes 

Some people can argue about this but it’s not the right thing to do once the drinks and food carts start moving in the aisles. The courteous thing to do is to ensure that every seat remains upright to allow the person behind you access to their tray. 

Eating Stinky Food 

Don’t arrive for the flight with onion rings or a tuna sandwich. These will stink as you eat them and give you a terrible breath throughout the flight. Therefore, avoid stinky food to make the flight comfortable for you and other passengers. 

Abusing the Call Button for Flight Attendants 

The priority of flight attendants is to keep passengers safe. Therefore, hit the call button only when necessary. This can be when thirsty or if you feel ill. 

Avoid these things when traveling by plane to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. 


What You Can Learn About Yourself when Traveling


Traveling entails a lot of unique activities and requirements that will no doubt push you out of your normal schedule. Apart from just the tasks of planning and packing for a trip, visiting several new places and interacting with different people requires strong adaptive skills and reserve on your part. As such, there are so many things that you can learn about yourself when traveling including. 


One of the things that you will find out when traveling is that there are several things out of your control like flight delays, bad weather, and intolerance. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, your patience will be measured on several occasions. Traveling teaches you how to stay out of your comfort zone and still make the experience fun. After the trip, you will learn how to properly handle different situations as they come. 

Self Confidence 

Putting together even just one successful trip is not usually an easy thing. If you have managed to plan and execute a trip, it is a significant accomplishment that will go a long way in boosting your self-confidence. Besides, traveling teaches you the confidence to set your dreams and follow them through. 

It is also through self-confidence that you will be able to freely interact with people, make friends and even find love on the road. Traveling more will show you just how confident you can be. 


Generally, people travel because of the desire to see new things, experience new cultures and learn more about their environments. When on the road, you will learn that most things are not really what they seem to be. That will not only give you the courage to always look at things differently but, also to want to discover more. The attractions that you visit and the activities you engage in during the trip will determine your curiosity. 

Besides the above traits, there are many other things you can still learn about yourself when traveling including creative thinking, independence and the ability to appreciate new cultures. Traveling often will enable you to know so much more about yourself. 

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