Fasting When Traveling on the Plane


Flights are the fastest means of transportation that almost every traveler will go for. However, flying may also seem a bit challenging when you are fasting. Nevertheless, you can still overcome most of the challenges with a few ideas on how to stay comfortable and happy on flights when fasting. The following guidelines can enable you to fly smoothly when fasting. 

Get a Proper Meal before the Trip 

Whether you are planning a short getaway or long haul trip, flying can leave you exhausted and dehydrated. To avoid persistent hunger strikes, make sure that you have a proper meal that will keep you energized and full until the next meal break. 

Drink Lots of Water 

Fasting is usually just about limiting your food intake and, not water. Considering the high risks of dehydration in flight cabins, you should carry a water bottle and fill it up for consumption on the journey. Drinking water can also help with delaying hunger, allowing you to go further without feeling hungry. 

Embrace the Adventure 

It is easy to get tempted into eating something whenever you see other people being served meals on the plane. However, falling to such temptations would only weaken your commitment to the fasting. So, try to stay true to your fast and focus on making the most of the adventure. 

Prepare a Backup Plan 

Various unexpected events may occur when you are traveling. For instance, you may lose your baggage or even miss a flight. That means you may have to re-schedule your travel plans. To avoid surprises, you should also have an alternative travel plan. Apart from water, you should also consider packing some snacks in case the journey takes longer than expected. 

While some people think that flying when fasting is challenging, savvy travelers confess it is an incredible experience with endless life lessons. And, the above tips can help you to make the trip one of a kind.