Things to Avoid when Traveling by Plane


Every passenger wants to get to their destination pleasantly and safely once they board their plane. However, there are things some passengers do that end up ruining their flights. To be a courteous and safer traveler, avoid the following things when traveling by plane. 

Trying a New Medication 

You don’t want to be in an airplane when you discover that a certain medication causes hallucination. You also don’t want to be up there when you realize that you are allergic to a certain supplement. Therefore, never take any medication for the first time during a flight. 

Joking About a Bomb 

People won’t laugh when you try to make a joke about weapons, guns, or anything that can threaten their life. Don’t even try to make a one-liner joke about somebody having a weapon because this can lead to their removal from the plane. That’s because nobody wants anything that puts their security and that of other passengers at risk. So, even if you suspect that somebody has a weapon of any kind, talk to security agents about it in a low tone.

Reclining the Seat during Mealtimes 

Some people can argue about this but it’s not the right thing to do once the drinks and food carts start moving in the aisles. The courteous thing to do is to ensure that every seat remains upright to allow the person behind you access to their tray. 

Eating Stinky Food 

Don’t arrive for the flight with onion rings or a tuna sandwich. These will stink as you eat them and give you a terrible breath throughout the flight. Therefore, avoid stinky food to make the flight comfortable for you and other passengers. 

Abusing the Call Button for Flight Attendants 

The priority of flight attendants is to keep passengers safe. Therefore, hit the call button only when necessary. This can be when thirsty or if you feel ill. 

Avoid these things when traveling by plane to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.